River Ranch Studios is wrapped in white drapery with existing LED down light installations.  This wraps the room with your color choices. The stage side of the room has over 20 mover lights for effects and reinforcement of music.  Above the seating area is a circle truss with more moving lights to paint tables with color or patterns for a complete room lighting composition.  This is all built in.

Video Wall

We can help you with your power point presentation, or your photographs, or your videos, that can be played on our 20ft high definition LED screen.  We also can shoot content for you and we have the ability to shoot the presentation live for you to take with you.  We have wireless cameras as well that can instantly walk in the audience and have live on screen at the moment for extra creative pursuits or theatrical effects.

Music Entertainment

River Ranch can provide you with Video D J services or standard DJ services.  We must show you how different it is to use our video screen with DJ choices.  It takes it to another level for the dance floor.  If you with to use an outsourced DJ or band, that can also happen.  We will try our best to interface with the artists that you choose.

Other products we can provide

24ft wide x 8ft deep x 2ft height PERFORMANCE STAGE with step unit
30ft wide x 20ft deep black vinyl DANCE FLOOR
8ft and 6ft ROUND TABLES with white table cloths

It’s your party and you cry if you want to

But let’s reserve the tears for the weddings.  River Ranch Studios is about joy and experiencing something special, that is new to the valley. We will provide you with a checklist of services we can provide along with knowledge as to where you may find items we do not provide. With your help, we will make it all happen.